With Prosumerzen Reteconomy is offering something unique inside the Italian Media landscape.
This english weekly 15 minutes long episode reaches 4 high-end audiences:
– Italians able to speak in English
– Foreign Residents in Italy
– Tourists and Business Travellers in Italy
– Audience abroad
What does Prosumerzen mean? It is a new word originated mixing 3 words:
PROducers + conSUMER + citiZEN and this embodies our sophisticated as well as ethic approach.
It will be a travel…
Where? Inside the 45 geopolitical regions and the top 150 towns that shape the different form of modernities of the world.
What? Inside 5 synergistic universes: Business, Life Style, Techno-trends, Culture, Geopolitics.
Who? We will talk about whom who is shaping the world carrying the global into the local, (GLOCAL), and the local into the global, (LOCGLOB).
For centuries a traveller needed 80 months to travel across the globe, around 150 years ago only 80 days and today… 80 clicks.
But this will be too simplicistic…
Prosumerzen is aware that the present is an evolving moment that embodies either the past and the future.
For that we will travel deeper under the surface to understand the long term origins as well as the long term trends of events.
Welcome on board!