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27 leading Israeli sources of information / 27 fonti informative qualificate Israeliane

16 leading Palestinian  sources of information / 16 fonti informative qualificate Palestinesi

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(alphabetical order/ ordine alfabetico)

1- Israel

Government of Israel: PM Netanyahu’s Speech at the AIPAC Policy Conference

1-Tabletmag leading general interest online magazine: Does Talking About ‘Islamism’ Make Us ‘Islamophobic’?

2- Y-net general content website, which is the online outlet for Yedioth Ahronot:   Balad, Hadash slam Arab League   Israeli-Arab parliamentarians voice objection after the Arab League officially recognizes Hezbollah as terror group.

3-Mosaic Mgazine is a full-length monthly essay on an issue or theme of pressing significance for Jews, Judaism, or the Jewish state:  The Problem with Jewish Museums

4- Al Monitor  leading opinion maazina about the Middle East: Why is Netanyahu ignoring legacy of late Mossad chief?

5- The Jewish Policy Center nonpartisan focuses solely on issues, both foreign and domestic,related to Israel and the region: Gulf States Designate Hezbollah as Terrorist Organization

6-Arutz Sheva Major news service presenting viewpoint of hardliners. Features also online video reports and newstalk radio: The enemy of leftists worldwide’

7-B’Tselem Israeli information center for human rights in the occupied territories:Statement of Solidarity: Israeli human rights and civil society organizations condemn attacks against Al-Haq

8-Challenge Bi-monthly leftist magazine focusing on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and published in Jaffa by Arabs and Jews:  States of denial:Israel and the impending collapse of the Palestinian Authority

9-Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA) US-based media-monitoring organization battling “anti-Israeli bias in the media” : Palestinian Poll: Two States? Two-State Solution? Two States for Two Peoples?
10-DEBKAfile Rightwing site devoted to analysis in the fields of terrorism, intelligence, military affairs, and politics:  Israeli security firm’s advice on Brussels airport security unheeded
11-Emet News Service Weekly summary of news and events concerning Israel and the Jewish people: The Real Goal of the ‘Palestinian’ Intifada

12-Esra Magazine Magazine of English Speaking Residents Association (ESRA). Features articles on topics of varied interest – arts, business, environment, health, jewish scene, and more: Performance in Jerusalem Elevates Wang
13-Globes English version of Israeli business newspaper:The quieter boycott of Israel is doing the damage

14-Ha’aretz Respectable daily newspaper with a broadly liberal outlook both on domestic issues and on international affairs: UN Human Rights Council Votes to Form ‘Blacklist’ of Companies Operating in Israeli Settlements “Fast-action website dedicated to ensuring that Israel receives fair media coverage: AFP Headline, Hamas-Style

16-Independent Media Review Analysis (IMRA)  Site offering summaries of news reports from the Arab and Israeli newspapers, official Israel and PNA statements, public opinion polls, analysis of treaties and agreements: TOURISM MINISTRY RESPONSE TO THE CBS HOTEL OCCUPANCY STATISTICS JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2016
17-Intelligence & Terrorism Information Center Focuses on issues concerning intelligence and terrorism. Identifies occurrences of incitement and propaganda against Israel:News of Terrorism and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (March 16-22, 2016)

18-Isracast Independent multimedia broadcast and distribution network that focuses on Israeli foreign affairs and defense issues: Obama’s Middle East Myth vs. Reality

19-Israel Behind The News Presents news items and analyses “that you often do not see in your mainstream media, even if you live in the Middle East”:Israel and Jews in the newest Palestinian Authority (PA) Schoolbooks taught in PA and UNRWA schools: De-legitimization, Demonization, Advocacy of Violent Struggle rather than Peace, of Jihad, Martyrdom and the Right of Return

20-Israel Hasbara Committee Publishes a variety of material about Israel and the Jewish People in the belief that such material will be of great assistance to all those who are fighting anti-Israel bias and anti-Semitism:Education Committee demands ban on textbooks containing racist or offensive content

21-Jerusalem Post Right-of-center, one of the leading Israeli newspapers:Analysis: Severe military punishment awaits IDF soldier who fired on wounded attacker

22-Jewish Currents Publishes a quarterly print magazine, as well as daily news about Jewish culture and history: The Emperor is Naked. Will American Jews Say So?

23-Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA) Global source of news, investigative reporting, opinon and features on current events and issues of interest to the Jewish people: Israeli soldier arrested for apparent shooting of prone Palestinian stabber

24-Jewish World Review Conservative magazine of culture, politics, and religion: Renaming hypocrisy

25-Middle East Newsline Regional defense news service. Reports on Israeli military, strategic programs and relations with its neighbors:Israeli Major Cites Higher Revenues

26- The Times of Israel,  Documenting developments in Israel, Middle East and around the Jewish world: Livni: UN council motion is ‘diplomatic failure’ for Israel

27-Yedioth Ahronoth Popular tabloid-style Israeli newspaper. The site is part of Yedioth’s online edition – – Israel’s number one source for online news:BDS leaders call on EU to boycott Yedioth Ahronoth conference

2- Palestinian Authority

 Government of the Palestinian Authority: MOI suffers from severe shortage of fuel and supplies

1. Alternative Information Center (AIC) Site of Jerusalem-based progressive Palestinian-Israeli activist organization striving to provide balanced news analysis: Kurdish autonomy: a counterexample to Israel

2. AMIN – Arabic Media Information Network News coverage by Palestinian journalists and officials : Is the Arab world losing its diversity?
3. Electronic Intifada Palestinian news and information portal :Boycotting Israel is a free speech right

4  Friends of Al-Aqsa UK based voluntary organization working for the human rights : Israel prepares evacuation plan for Golan Heights, Galilee settlements
5. International Middle East Media Center (IMEMC) Independent daily news service dedicated to the coverage of the Israel / Palestine conflict: PA Bans 5 Major Israeli Food Imports

6. Jerusalem Media & Communication Centre Provides news, polls and translations from Palestinian newspapers:nHilary Clinton’s statements are rejected electoral campaign accusations

7. Ma’an news agency One of the main sources of independent news from Palestine. Published by a non-profit media organization Ma’an Network:Israel opens probe after soldier shoots wounded Palestinian in head

8. MEMRI: Palestinian Authority Site of the Washington-based  Middle East Media Research Institute providing analysis and translations of Arabic and Hebrew media reports: Understanding Russian Political Ideology And Vision: A Call For Eurasia, From Lisbon To Vladivostok

9. MIFTAH Site of the Palestinian Initiative for the Promotion of Global Dialogue and Democracy. News from PLO perspective: Two human chains in Ramallah and Gaza call for ending the political division and for a comprehensive national dialogue
10. Palestine Chronicle  US based online newspaper providing news and commentary on Palestine and the Middle East: Dabka, Not Tango: The Palestinian Issue Is on Hold

11. Palestine-Israel Journal Independent quarterly that aims to analyze critically the complex issues dividing Israelis and Palestinians: Speaking about “Lives in Common” with Menachem Klein in East Jerusalem
12. Palestine News Network (PNN) Reports on all Palestine related news both abroad and domestic: Japan condemns Israeli expropriation of Palestinian land

13. Palestine Solidarity Campaign Site of UK campaigning organisation providing news and commentary with focus on Palestinian rights:Parliament update: week beginning 21 March 2016

14.  Palestinian Information Center Comprehensive daily coverage of the conflict from from the Hamas point of view: University College London Union votes to support BDS

15. Palestinian Media Watch site providing translations and analysis of Arabic language Palestinian newspapers and other media:Following Brussels terror attacks:PA Security Forces spokesman claimsthe US and Europe brought the terror on themselves

16. WAFA Official Palestinian news agency:Foreign Ministry Seeks UN Resolution to Freeze Settlement Construction