(Google translate friendly) Why Donald Trump Inspires the Confidence of His Supporters by Professor Kyle D. Killian,PhD

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Even if you have no idea what you’re saying, or doing, it pays to say it and do it withconfidence (http://nymag.com/scienceofus/2014/05/pays-to-be-overconfident.html). Overconfidence really pays. If you exude confidence while you are doing something, or speaking to an audience, that raises their estimation of your competence, and therefore, their confidence in you.  Further, Trump supporters see him as “telling it like it is”, as a purveyor of “unvarnished truth”, someone who cuts through all conventions of decency, sensitivity and political correctness to speak truth to power.  Trouble is, we as human beings are too easily and often swayed by what may amount to bluster, bravado, and fakery.  We too quickly buy into façades and noise, because it sounds … (to read more)

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