Save Europe’s Internet by The FFF

Last Tuesday’s court victory was the final milestone. We won. The net neutrality rules we worked so hard for in the US will stand. [1]

But Europe is deciding on the same issue right now, and we need to respond! We’re organizing a massive online protest to drive comments to BEREC, the European Union’s FCC. Anyone can submit comments! Can you write European regulators now? [2]

And if you have a website, blog or Tumblr, can you help drive comments by adding this code to your site?

We won in the US. But the Internet is global, and Europe is the largest economy in the world. How will our favorite sites & apps thrive and grow, if European ISPs can throw them into a slow-lane?

How will we ever challenge the power of tech giants like Google and Facebook, when European ISPs can subsidize them to appear free, while making competing sites cost more than ever?

How will we spread the latest freedom-enhancing tools like VPNs, TOR, p2p video streaming, and blockchain apps, when European ISPs can make them unusably slow for hundreds of millions of people?  

This is a fight we all need to win, wherever we live. Anyone can submit a comment to BEREC. Can you send one right now?

And if you have a website, blog or Tumblr, can you help drive comments from your site’s visitors, by adding this simple piece of code to your site?

(The big day of action will be on the 28th, but we’re asking gung-ho supporters and smaller sites to put our countdown widget on their sites right now!)

If you’d like to learn more, watch and share this video on why net neutrality matters, and how to win it in Europe—just like we did in the US. 

Remember, the most important thing to do is submit your comment to BEREC—Europe’s version of the FCC. The 3.7 million comments we helped organize were crucial to winning net neutrality in the US. Comments matter tremendously in Europe too, and anyone can submit one, so please click here to submit your comment to BEREC right now.

Thanks for everything you do!


Holmes, Tiffiniy, Lizzy, Donny, Jeff, our designer Vasjen (who’s in bed with broken ribs right now, poor guy!) and the whole Fight for the Future team.