European hypocrisy: Why single Israel out? by Ofir Haivry,PhD

(published inside “THE GREATER MIDDLE EAST 2,0” N.1 on 24.300.000  entries as you can check here at 2/7/2016 CET 12.03)


The public debate in Israel over the European Union’s initiative to label Israeli products manufactured beyond the Green Line usually avoids addressing the most troubling aspect of the initiative: The fact that of all the regions in the world subject to a certain sovereignty conflict, the EU has only chosen to label products originating in the area of conflict related to the Jewish state.

There are thousands of regions around the world subject to a certain sovereignty conflict, and in hundreds of them the EU itself does not recognize the sovereign government. In many of these regions, there are even United Nations resolutions which define them as “occupied” or “conflict regions.” Of all these, Europe chooses to label products from one region only.  …

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