(internet translator friendly) What You Need To Know About “Natural” Products by Donna Flagg

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The health and beauty industry has run amok.  Whether it’s a product being marketed as natural or one made from synthetic chemicals, the only defense against companies who hide what they put in their products, and then lie about them being there, is to understand how the system works. This way you can figure out how to work around it, and ultimately, put yourself in a better position to take care of your body.

As consumers, we are stuck in a Catch-22. We buy things that are made to stop the most natural processes of the human body, but that do so with the most unnatural of chemicals. Think about it. Deodorants. Sunscreens. Toothpaste. Mouthwash. Tampons. We’re fighting the wrong war with the wrong weapons. The majority of the products on the market in the personal care space don’t support our bodies’ … ( to read more)

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