A – Geo-politics – Geo-economy – Geo-technology,(10)

  1. (internet translator friendly) WE SUPPORT HILLARY: A fair tax system Making sure the wealthy, Wall Street, and corporations pay their fair share in taxes.
  2. (internet translator friendly) La decisone per il Brexit ? PREVISTO in Appeal Power !!! … IN SOLITARIA!!!
  3. (internet translator friendly)How Virtual Reality will Transform the Future of News by Thomas Frey (Google Top Ranked Futurist)
  4. (internet translator friendly) Energy Relations between Turkey and Israel by the think tank Istituto Affari Internazionali
  5. (internet translator friendly)The Dynamics of a Right-wing Coalition How the Failure of the Peace Processes Encourages Domestic Populism in Israel by the think tank Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik
  6. (internet translator friendly) Recalibrating U.S.-China Relations in Southeast Asia by the think tank Center for American Progress
  7. (internet translator friendly) Finanziare la ricostruzione dei terremoti: MEGLIO CERTIFICATI DI CREDITO FISCALE CHE MAGGIOR DEBITO PUBBLICO by Prof. Nino Galloni
  8. (internet translator friendly) The Science Behind Our Obsession With Liking Things Online by Liraz Margalit ,PhD
  9. (internet translator friendly) Providing efficient network access to green power generators: A long-term property rights perspective by the think tank BREUGEL
  10. (internet translator friendly) Afrobarometer: China wins favorable reviews in new Africa survey by Prof. Deborah Brautigam,PhD

B – Art – Culture – Civil Society,(11)

  1. (internet translator friendly) Refugee Crisis by Noam Chomsky
  2. (internet translator friendly)(Stralcio) ROCCO DINEAU LE VAGABONDE JUIF: S. Siro all’ok corral by Renato Barletti
  3. (internet translator friendly) Anime di Carta 12 by Nadia Banaudi
  4. (internet translator friendly) Leggere,ovvero il decalogo del lettore onnivoro (2/2) by Massimo Acciai Baggiani
  5. (internet translator friendly) Were We Ever a Civil Society? Bigotry’s Threat to Democracy by Professor Kyle D. Killian,PhD
  6. (photo for Amore a Due Zampe) Il Gatto in me – Photo 06 by Francesca Barbero
  7. (internet translator friendly) “Dietro la porta” (2/14) by Rossana Lozzio
  8. (internet translator friendly) IL BRACCIO CHE SPIAZZA IL BATTITO DELL’ELEGANZA by Paolo Meneghetti
  9. (internet translator friendly-poem for Amore a due Zampe)  A TRIBUTE TO Standing Rock – 2016 by Tani Lone Tree (Dakota Native American Poet and Empowered Woman)
  10. (internet translator friendly) La lettera di una mamma lavoratrice che fa venire il magone by Byoblu
  11. (internet translator friendly) DEPORTARE – TORTURARE – RINVIARE – AMERICANI E MAFIA … MA CI CREDONO COSI’ IDIOTI? by Paolo Dealberti

C – Spiritual – Emotional – Phyisical Wellness,(5)

  1. (internet translator friendly) My addiction by Sam Louie,MA,LHMC
  2. (internet translator friendly) What You Need To Know About “Natural” Products by Donna Flagg
  3. (internet translator friendly) Love Handles by Rosemary Sword,(KM), & Philip Zimbardo,PhD
  4. (internet translator friendly) Neurochemistry of Motivation by Judith E. Glaser,(MA & MS)
  5. (internet translate friendly) Meditations by Buddhist Reverend Shigenobu Watanabe



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