(internet translator friendly) Are We Starving For “Real”? by Donna Flagg

I’ve always been intrigued by the tension between real and fake.  Like the $50,000 Rolex watches knocked off and sold on Canal Street for ten bucks.  People don them, and every other conceivable counterfeit, in droves.  To what end?  I mean really, what’s the point?  It’s junk.

That’s just one tiny example.  Fake is everywhere.   We’re dealing with a major artificial, imitation food problem.  We’ve got Facebook simulating friendship, and of course Siri, who so desperately tries to serve herself up as human.  We’ve got reality TV, which is probably the strangest and hardest to figure out, because there, even reality is fake!   But, perhaps the most offensive, at least for women, is the unrelenting, unforgiving, distortion of female beauty and body image.  I could go on, but why? Nothing says how ridiculous the whole thing has become quite like Target and the crotchless model

In contrast, … (to reade more) 

Donna Flagg  ©2016