(internet translator friendly) Material interaction and art product in art therapy assessment in adult mental health by Ingrid Pénzes, Susan van Hooren, Ditty Dokter, Henk Smeijsters & Giel Hutschemaekers

Ingrid Pénzes,Faculty Health & Care, Department of Arts Therapies, Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, Heerlen, The Netherlands – Correspondence: ingrid.penzes@zuyd.nl,

Susan van Hooren

Ditty Dokter

 Henk Smeijsters 

 Giel Hutschemaekers

Pages 213-228 | Received 26 Jan 2015, Accepted 26 Aug 2015, Published online: 16 Oct 2015

Background: Art materials have a central role in art therapy. The way a client interacts with art materials – material interaction – is an important source of information in art therapy assessment in adult mental health. The aim of this study was to develop the categories of material interaction and examine the relationship between material interaction, the art product and clients’ psychological characteristics. Methods: Three sequential focus groups were conducted, in which 47 art therapists participated. Results: A large number of art therapists recognised that observing material interaction enabled them to gain a perspective on client’s psychological functioning. Styles of material interaction could be placed on a continuum from “affective” to “rational” and provided valuable information about a client’s affective and rational characteristics. Conclusions: Art therapists were able to describe clients’ material interaction and psychological characteristics based on the analysis of the formal elements of the clients’ art product. The results provided a preliminary theoretical base for art therapy assessment in adult mental health.

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