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Pages 1-16 | Received 20 Jul 2016, Accepted 10 Oct 2016, Published online: 16 Nov 2016

There is a pressing need to equip South African’s youth with the means to develop their entrepreneurial potential. In this context, there is the need for the government to create a support mechanism to help integrate young people into the job market, through the handicraft entrepreneurship. The objective of this study is to examine job creation, income generation and poverty alleviation opportunities in developing the microenterprise-handcraft linkage, with special attention to vulnerable sectors of society, the youths. However, the handicraft sector is performing at a level far below its potential in South Africa. This research study into the reasons behind such weak performance, its developmental aspects, and different implication shall be suggested on the contribution of handicrafts in eradicating poverty and maintaining a sustainable livelihood for the youths. The paper shows key findings from a literature review and from semi-structured interviews with local producers, supporters and buyers of handicraft products in the Western Cape Province. The methodology used for this research is an exploratory approach using a qualitative data collection method. Finally, the study provides a comprehensive strategy on how to enhance the South African handicraft sector to better meet its needs as a micro-enterprise to create a better living for the people.

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