Design anthropology or anthropological design? Towards ‘Social Design’ by Jonathan Ventura & Jo-Anne Bichard


Pages 1-13 | Received 10 Oct 2015, Accepted 05 Oct 2016, Published online: 14 Oct 2016

In this article we will outline the practice of design anthropology, and define the term ‘social design’ vis-à-vis current changes in the world of industrial designers. We will highlight the various popular terms for this rapidly-growing discipline, and outline a ‘how-to’ in relation to industrial designers’ work in the studio. We will conclude by presenting two case studies in which a different approach towards anthropology should be integrated into the practical work of designers. One case study will present design anthropology from a pedagogical point of view, while the other will present a design anthropology workshop. A design methodology leaflet is attached as an appendix to better introduce design anthropology to designers.

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