A comparison between Chinese and American thought patterns from the perspective of commentaries on climate change issues in People’s Daily and the New York Times by YiHong Wang ,Xiaochuan Jiang, Ke Li, Xinwei Long & Xiaowei Zhang

Pages 1-19 | Published online: 24 Oct 2016

This study attempted to analyse the differences between Chinese and American thought patterns by using quantitative methods based on the commentaries in the New York Times and People’s Daily for 9 months in 2010 considering climate change issues as samples; the thought patterns were based on six aspects: synthetic, analytical, imagery, logical, dialectical, and contradictory thinking. This study applied the t-test, chi-square test, and ANOVA to the coding analysis. It was observed that the thought patterns of synthetic and analytical thinking were similar, whereas the other four patterns had considerable differences. Moreover, the reliability of the coders was tested.

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