1. ON AMBITION IN ART by Patricia Emison
  2. (translator friendly ) TRUMP E L’EUROPA: SVOLTA O SOLUZIONI? by Nino Galloni
  3. (translator friendly) IL FILO ROSSO (parte seconda): Allen Ginsberg, l’URLO che ha cambiato il mondo by Renato Barletti
  4. (photo for Amore a Due Zampe) Il Gatto in me – Photo 10 by Francesca Barbero
  5. Trump vede la May, non il messicano: 7 articoli del think tank Istituto Affari Internazionali
  6. (poem for Amore a due Zampe) Rivers of Memory by Tani Lone Tree (Dakota Native American Poet and Empowered Woman)
  7. Only China Can Contain China by Joseph Nye Jr.
  8. Anti-radicalisation strategy lacks evidence base in science by Noam Chomsy
  9. The Geopolitics of Arab Turmoil by Immanuel Wallerstein
  10. Bartering Globalization: China’s Commodity backed Finance in Africa and Latin America
  11. Deregulation Nation: Congress Wants to Let Corporations Take Charge
  12. Why is it so hard to reach the EU’s ‘poverty’ target?
  13. The Military Topography of Syria’s South