at Lindfield East Public
School where I volunteer as a
scripture teacher.

2017 makes
my 11th year of continuous community
volunteer service at this
At the first lesson, there were 36
students this year including 10
new faces, among them 6 were from kindergarten

This is the second largest number of students
in the last 11 years! After
introducing all the new students,
we learnt an important
and famous message of the
Buddha, which was

“Everything changes nothing

I explained
that by
and understanding
this message fully, we
know our life can not be repeated
and each moment is very
precious so we have to do our
best in our everyday lives. Then
I explained what BUDDHISM
stands for – B for Buddha, U for
Buddha’s Ultimate teaching,
which is Dharma, then one of
principals is “Life is suffering”
which is Dukka, then by believing
Buddhist teaching, we can
have Happy life, Interdependent
with each other, lead
by the Sangha (Monks) who do
Meditation as one of their daily
It is a very important task for
adult to teach children about the
Buddha Dharma from their young
age, and this scripture class is giving
me a wonderful opportunity.
We all believe Australia has a very
good education system and we
should use this opportunity effectively.

In Gassho
Rev Shigenobu Watanabe

Hongwanji Buddhist Mission of Australia