(W.11 /internet translator friendly):Terrosim, Ecology, Robots, Energy. Femminism, Art, Music and a lot more …

  1. 14 Fallacies of the Coming Robot Apocalypse
  2. Roma torna Capitale d’Europa (4 articoli)
  3. From Climate Change to Nuclear War, Noam Chomsky Warns of Literal Threats to Our Survival by Noam Chomsky
  4. The Geopolitics of Arab Turmoil by Immanuel Wallerstein
  5. Only China Can Contain China by Joseph Nye Jr.
  6. Somalia’s ever-arduous transition
  7. (internet translator friendly) IL FUTURO DIGITALE DEL BUSINESS TRA AZIENDE (2/10)
  8. Maritime Terrorism
  9. (internet translator friendly) AESTHETICS, FEMINIST THEORY, AND FEMINIST AESTHETICS by Professor Sheila Lintott
  10. (internet translator friendly-poem for Amore a due Zampe) When In Rome by Tani Lone Tree (Dakota Native American Poet and Empowered Woman)
  12. A Taxonomy of the Real: Seoul
  13. Breaking Boundaries of Role and Hierarchy in Collaborative Music-Maki
  14. AdS Vacua from Dilaton Tadpoles and Form Fluxes
  15. CEI Consiglio Permanente 20-22/3/17
  16. (internet translator friendly) La verità sulle fake news
  17. (internet translator friendly) Giuseppe e gli uomini invisibili (racconto)
  18. (internet translator friendly) L’amore secondo Mia Martini

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