AdS Vacua from Dilaton Tadpoles and Form Fluxes

We describe how unbounded three–form fluxes can lead to families of AdS3 × S7 vacua, with constant dilaton profiles, in the USp(32) model with “brane supersymmetry breaking” and in the U(32) 0’B model, if their (projective–)disk dilaton tadpoles are taken into account. We also describe how, in the SO(16)×SO(16) heterotic model, if the torus vacuum energy Λ is taken into account, unbounded seven–form fluxes can support similar AdS7 × S3 vacua, while unbounded three–form fluxes, when combined with internal gauge fields, can support AdS3×S7 vacua, which continue to be available even if Λ is neglected. In addition, special gauge field fluxes can support, in the SO(16) × SO(16) heterotic model, a set of AdSn × S10−n vacua, for all n = 2, .., 8. String loop and α ′ corrections appear under control when large form fluxes are allowed.

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J. Mourad –Augusto Sagnotti (Pisa, Scuola Normale Superiore & INFN, Pisa) ©2017