1-Looking forward for Istanbul’s creative economy ecosystem

Oguz Demir

Received 07 Sep 2017, Accepted 26 Jan 2018, Published online: 13 Feb 2018

 2-Part 1: Revue of STYLES :The Revue of STYLES

Katarina Bonnevier

Pages 353-369 | Published online: 27 Oct 2017

3-“Like a drawing of breath”: leisure-based art-making as a source of respite and identity among older women caring for loved ones with dementia

Bryony Hunt,Lindsay Truran &Frances Reynolds

Pages 29-44 | Received 29 Jun 2016, Accepted 09 Oct 2016, Published online: 02 Nov 2016

4-Visualizing Apartheid Abroad: Gavin Jantjes’s Screenprints of the 1970s

Allison K. Young

Pages 10-31 | Published online: 30 Jan 2018

5-Conservative Confucian Values and the Promotion of Oral Performance Literature in Late Qing Jiangnan: Yu Zhi’s Influence on Two Appropriations of Liu Xiang baojuan

Katherine Alexander

Pages 89-115 | Published online: 30 Jan 2018

6-Data as medium: designing and coding interactive visualizations for the web

Eugene Park

Pages 21-34 | Received 28 Aug 2017, Accepted 14 Oct 2017, Published online: 16 Feb 2018

7-The ‘Real’ Me: Practical Application of Research into the Perception of Vocal Timbre

Susan Yarnall

Published online: 07 Feb 2018

8-On the Radical Political Potential of Performance: Witnessing, Implication, and Ethics in Representations of the Northern Irish Dirty Protests and Hunger Strikes (1976–81)

Patrick Duggan

Pages 445-461 | Published online: 19 Dec 2017

9-Optimization of Pretreatment Method for Alkylmercuries Speciation in Coal by High‐Performance Liquid Chromatography Coupled with UV‐Digestion Cold Vapor Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry

Bin He,Erle Gao,Jianbo Shi,Lina Liang,Yongguang Yin &Guibin Jiang