1. (internet translator friendly) On the Evolution of Language: A Biolinguistic Perspective by Noam Chomsky interviewed by C. J. Polychroniou
  2. Vorrei un’Italia 0.0 di Oscar di Montigny
  3. 年頭の辞 
  4. The Best from Academia 
  5. Immanuel Wallerstein on World-Systems, The Imminent End of Capitalism and Unifying Social Sciences
  6. Is death our only option? Buying into the dream of immortality
  7. Who’s Afraid of The Nation-State? by Ofir Haivry,PhD
  8. L’industria del cadavere 
  9. The Cultural Alternative 
  10. (video) Upsurge in Movements Around the Globe: 1968 Redux?
  11. (Google translate / traduttore friendly) China and Africa: Venus and Mars ? by Professor Deborah Brautigam,PhD
  12. (internet translator friendly-poem for Amore a due Zampe) Isolated Shoal by Tani Lone Tree (Dakota Native American Poet and Empowered Woman)
  14. Sparta ovunque, Sparta per sempre: una utopia-distopia di Carlo Menzinger