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  3. Week 23: Opinion Leaders 
  4. The Best from Academia 
  5. Refugee Crisis by Noam Chomsky
  6. Immanuel Wallerstein: Immanuel Wallerstein
  7. American Hegemony or American Primacy? by Joseph Nye Jr.
  8. Tariq Ramadan: 4th August… Presence and Silence
  9. Who’s Afraid of The Nation-State? by Ofir Haivry,PhD
  10. Crisi economica o nuovo umanesimo? – Antonino Galloni
  11. Deborah Brautigam: Is China winning the (hearts and) minds of African students?
  12. Week 22: About the World from the Best Think Tanks
  13. The Best from Academia 
  14. Milano Innovation Day 
  15. 『2018宗祖降誕会法話』 
  16. Mehrheitsentscheidungen und Flexibilisierung in der GASP
  17. 21st Century Condottieri: Avoiding Mercenary Wars
  18. Mini-BOT in the government programme of the Five Star Movement and the League
  19. Sandwich Aesthetics Peter L. Doebler The Dayton Art Institute
  20. HBMA Inside This Issue   
  21. Morocco’s African Foreign Policy 
  22. Risk Management Innovation of Islamic Financial Institutions 
  23. Confronting the Cost of Trump’s Corruption to American Families
  24. Week 21 
  25. The Best from Academia: 2-9/6 
  26. Renato Barletti racconta la sua creatività
  27. (internet translator friendly-poem for Amore a due Zampe) When In Rome by Tani Lone Tree (Dakota Native American Poet and Empowered Woman)
  28. Family Matters 
  29. The Scoop On Goop 
  30. Imtimacy Disorder: The Root of Addiction
  31. The Best from Academia 25/5-1/6
  32. Material Choke Points in the MENA Region
  33. Sandwich Aesthetics 
  34. Protests in India 
  35. Sukuk-Waqf: The Islamic Solution for Public Finance Deficits 
  36. 6 Ways to Reduce Gun Violence in America
  37. The Global Debate on the Future of Artificial Intelligence
  38. Bruegel Annual Report 2017 
  39. Due to server problems we do not publish this weekend
  40. Week 20: 12-19/ 
  41. The best from Academia: 12-19/5
  42. Sparta ovunque, Sparta per sempre: una utopia-distopia di Carlo Menzinger
  43. Gaining Perspective – Part One- 
  44. Tommaso Moro, Shakespeare e l’utopia della letteratura
  45. (poem for Amore a due Zampe) Dry and Cold World by Tani Lone Tree (Dakota Native American Poet and Empowered Woman)
  46. Moved to Act by the Call of Self 
  47. Crisis Actors: Why Conspiracy Theories Are So Appealing
  48. Getting Past the Past Jealousy 
  49. Mappe Mentali (viaggi nel mondo by Locglob): 6-12/5
  50. Week 19 – 5-11/5 
  51. The Best from Academia: 5-11/5 
  52. A Beautiful Future for Aesthetics: Three Avenues of Progress
  53. Mappe Mentali (viaggio emozionale del mondo) by Locglob
  54. Iraqi Parliamentary Elections 2018
  55. Ban Lobbyists from Fundraising for Politicians
  56. How large is the proposed decline in EU agricultural and cohesion spending?
  57. Tripoli’s Militia Cartel 
  58. Ue: bilancio, i nuovi fondi post Brexit
  59. 1. Maggio: Una canzone ed addio ad Alfie
  60. Mappe Mentali 30-4-18: Crimine Organizzato
  61. Week 17 – 28/4 -5/5 
  62. MAPPE MENTALI (viaggio emozionale del mondo) by LocGlob :23-28/4
  63. Drug Trafficking: A problem for Mexico and the United States
  64. The Best from Academia – 28/5-4/5
  65. Il futuro dell’integrazione europea tra forze centrifughe e nuove forme di cooperazione
  66. Italy’s pension spending: Implications of an ageing population
  67. Intelligente Grenzen und interoperable Datenbanken für die innere Sicherheit der EU
  68. The displaced commercial risk and Islamic banks 
  69. Week 16: 21-28/4 
  70. The Best from Accademia: 21-28 /4
  71. We Are Candles (poem) by Tani Lone Tree
  72. LA FILOSOFIA CHE “SCOMBUSSOLA” L’ORIZZONTE DEL CREATIVO (Saggio sull’estetica del farmaco)
  73. Sherlock Holmes e la fisica 
  74. Good Timing-  4/20/18 
  75. Two Healthy Habits You Need More Than Ever
  76. MAPPE MENTALI (viaggio emozionale del mondo) by LocGlob : 13-20/4
  77. (photo for Amore a due Zampe) Il Gatto in me/ Photo 01 by Francesca Barbero
  78. Why We Don’t Speak Up 
  79. Humility or Humiliation in Aging, It’s Your Choice
  80. (Google translate frienldly) Higher Curvature Supergravity and Cosmology by PhD Professors Sergio Ferrara, Augusto Sagnotti
  81. 7 Ways We Miss Out on Happiness (and 3 Ways to Stop)
  82. Week 15: 14-21 April 
  83. The Best from Academia 
  84. Systematic Inequality 
  85. Guerra in Siria? Bufala ed attenti al TIR …
  86. Categories of Art and Computers: A Question of Artistic Style
  87. Are European firms falling behind in the global corporate research race?
  88. Wagnerian Airstrike: Geolocating an American Attack
  89. The Transmutation of Jihadi Organizations in the Sahel and the Regional Security Architecture
  90. Contingency Planning in Traditional and Islamic Banks During the Crisis in Syria: Crisis Management Perspective
  91. Die EU als Friedensmacht in der internationalen Cyberdiplomatie
  92. Momenti quotidiani che sfuggono …
  93. Week 14 : 7-14. April 
  94. The Best from Academia 
  95. Recurrent Themes: Corruption and National Security
  96. Warns of Literal Threats to Our Survival
  97. Interacting Crises 
  98. Is death our only option? Buying into the dream of immortality
  100. Moment or Movement 
  101. China To Set Up a New International Development Cooperation Agency
  102. Faccia d’angelo il poeta e la prossima piece
  103. Double standards are killing Non-Proliferation Treaty
  104. (poem for Amore a due Zampe) Siren’s Revenge By Tani Lone Tree (Native American Dakota Nation Empowered Woman)
  105. We do not publish this weekend. HAPPY EASTER TIME !!!!
  106. Week 12: 24-31/3 
  107. The Best from Academia 
  108. The European Globalisation Adjustment Fund: Easing the pain from trade?
  109. Texas Bombings 
  110. Akteure des israelisch-palästinensischen Konflikts
  111. Discrimination Prevents LGBTQ People from Accessing Health Care
  112. MAPPE MENTALI (viaggio emozionale del mondo) by LocGlob
  113. The Open Door Swings Back: The Challenge of Chinese Investment
  114. The taxation of sukuk in the Italian context: is Italy’s tax system ready for Islamic financial instruments?
  115. W 11: 17-24/3 
  116. (internet translator friendly-poem for Amore a due Zampe) When In Rome by Tani Lone Tree (Dakota Native American Poet and Empowered Woman)
  117. Mappe Mentali (viaggio emozionale nel mondo): La Sindrome del Gnocchismo & Benessere
  118. Mappe Mentali (viaggio emozionale nel mondo): AUTO
  119. Mappe Mentali (viaggio emozionale nel mondo) 13-3-18
  120. Mappe Mentali (viaggio emozionale del mondo) 12-3-18
  121. Il Teatro ed io… un “rapporto” lungo una quarantina di anni by Renato Barletti
  122. Le generazione dei Millenials 
  123. Week N. 10: 10-17/3 
  124. Cracking the Shell: Trump and the Corrupting Potential of Furtive Russian Money
  126. The Effect of Ownership and Regulation on Bank Earnings Quality an investigation of the conventional and Islamic banks in MENA region
  127. Caribbean Region Outlook 
  128. China’s “matryoshka” approach for debt-to-equity swaps could be good for banks, but bad for investors
  129. Die Beziehungen zwischen USA und Ukraine – besser als erwartet
  130. Categories of Art and Computers: A Question of Artistic Style
  131. The Best from Academia 
  132. Mappe Mentali (viaggio emozionale nel mondo): 9-3-2018 ABITATIVITA’ – INCERTEZZA – SFUMARE
  133. Mappe Mentali (viaggio emozionale del mondo): 8-3-2018
  134. Week 9: 3-10 /3 
  135. (internet translator friendly) On the Evolution of Language: A Biolinguistic Perspective by Noam Chomsky interviewed by C. J. Polychroniou
  136. Vorrei un’Italia 0.0 di Oscar di Montigny
  137. 年頭の辞 
  138. The Best from Academia 
  139. Immanuel Wallerstein on World-Systems, The Imminent End of Capitalism and Unifying Social Sciences
  140. Is death our only option? Buying into the dream of immortality
  141. L’industria del cadavere 
  142. The Cultural Alternative 
  143. (video) Upsurge in Movements Around the Globe: 1968 Redux?
  144. (Google translate / traduttore friendly) China and Africa: Venus and Mars ? by Professor Deborah Brautigam,PhD
  145. (internet translator friendly-poem for Amore a due Zampe) Isolated Shoal by Tani Lone Tree (Dakota Native American Poet and Empowered Woman)
  147. Sparta ovunque, Sparta per sempre: una utopia-distopia di Carlo Menzinger  
  148. We back on Feb. 2018… 
  149. The best from Academia 9-16 Dec.
  150. Turkmenistan–Afghanistan–Pakistan–India Pipeline Analysis. Part 1- An Impossible Dream?
  151. (poem for Amore a due Zampe)  Truth walks in mist By Tani Lone Tree (Native American Dakota Nation Empowered Woman)
  152. The U.S. Election: It’s over at last, or is it? by Immanuel Wallerstein