We are an uniqueness made by nuances


Dear Reader,

We welcome you inside Resilient Rating, the 1st rating structure created in Italy.

We are focused on:

  1. Countries
  2. Territories
  3. Cities
  4. Companies making profit
  5. Not Profit Companies
  6. The Symbiotic Economy

For us the world stands as you can read clicking here The World: a possible abstract

We use a different as well as innovative approach based on the follwing 6 pillars:

  • Political Economy

You can download the  Political Economy Rating Instrument, (PERI), by Antonino Galloni clicking here PERI 1.0

You can download the  Geopolitics Rating Instrument, (GPRI), by Paolo Dealberti clicking here GPRI 1.0

  • (FOR THE 1ST TIME IN THE WORLD !!) Geo-perception, (one of the 3 components of the Geo-strategy focused on the Complex Cultural Cohabitation that controls the emotions)

You can download the  Country Geoperception Rating Instrument, (CGPRI), by Elena Mangione-Lora & Paolo Dealberti clicking here CGPRI 1.0

You can download the  Enterprise Geoperception Rating Instrument, (EGPRI), by Paolo Dealberti clicking here EGPRI 1.0

You can download the  Geoconomy Rating Instrument, (GERI), by Paolo Dealberti clicking here  GERI 1.0

  • (FOR THE 1ST TIME IN THE WORLD !!) by Paolo Dealberti  The Country Pro-Capita Contribution to the Humanity Index, (CPC2HI)

You can download The Country Pro-Capita Contribution to the Humanity Index, (CPC2HI), clicking here CPC2HI 1.0

  •  Company Analysis: either for profit and not profit Companies

The rating instruments can be free downloaded and used for your personal intellectual use.

Resilient Rating has a democratic approach that empowers the diffusion either of awareness and knowlodge.

When you use the instruments for your own analysis you must be aware that:

a) you CANNOT do that for any commercial purpose 

b) you are the only responsible to held accountable about your analysis and about them Resilient Rating CANNOT BE HOLD RESPONSIBLE!

d) you have always to mention that you use the rating instruments with an active hyperlink to the source, (this page).

e) ONLY the Certified Resilient Rating Analysts can use the instruments with a commercial purpose!

If you want to be a  Certified Resilient Rating Analysts please contact


You can also download our  FREE analysis, report, comments.

In order to empower either the knowledge and the awareness you can re-publish them inside your page using the integral version but before to downalod please read inside the Resilient Rating’s page about the rules to  use them:

To find about the analysis, reports and comments please click here…

Antonino Galloni

Elena Mangione-Lora

Paolo Dealberti