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Deep Power: The Strongest Persons in China, France, Japan, Turkey, Russia

Inside this document we mention the most powerful people belonging to the Deep State in China, France, Japan,  Russia, Turkey.

We will talk about the Usa in the future.

The persons are mentioned using the alphabetical order and not ranked according to their power.

And logically this is not an exhaustive list because the world changes.

China (9):

Chen Min’er, CCP Secretary in Chonqing

Li Kequiang , Premier

Liu Shitu, Senior CCP

Lui Feng, University of Nankai

Wang Huning, Central Committee of the CCP

Wang Qishan, CCAE Vicepresident

Xhao Yaqing, SASAC Directory

Xi Yinhong, University of Renmin

Yang Jiechi, CCAE General Director


Alexis Kohler,  Secretary General Presidential Staff

Benoit Ribadeau-Dumas, Director of Staff of the Premier

Edouard Philippe, Premier

Turkey (4):

Alaatin Cakici, one of the main Leader of the Turkish Trans-national Organized Crime

Devlet Bahceli, MHP President

Hukusi Akar, Ministry of Defence

Dogu Perincek, PP Chairman

Japan (7):

Amari Akira, Special Advisor

Hamada Koichi, Special Advisor

Hasegawa Eiichi, Special Advisor

Honda Etsuro, Special Advisor

Iamai Takaya, Head of the Premier Staff

Kuroda Haruhiko, Bank of Japan Governor

Masai Takako, Bank of Japan

Russia (19):

Aleksej Kudrin, Financial Markets Advisor of the Presidency

Aleksej Likhacev , CEO Rosatom /Siloviki

Aleksej Miller, CEO Gazprom /Siloviki

Alexander Bastrykin, Head of the Attoneys/ Siloviki

Alexander Novak, Ministry of Energy/Siloviki

Boris Rotemberg, Businessman / Siloviki

Dmitrij Medvedev, Premier/Siloviki

El’vira Nabiulina, Central Bank of Russia

German Gref, Internet Policy Advisor of the Presidency

Igor Secin, CEO Rosneft /Siloviki , Potential candidate to replace President Putin

Jurij Caiìjka, General Attoney / Siloviki

Nikolaj Tokarev, CEO Transneft /Siloviki

Serej Sojgu, Ministry of Defence /Siloviki

Sergej Cemezov, CEO Rostec Corporation/Siloviki

Sergej Lavrov, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Arkadij Borthers, Businesspeople/ Siloviki

Viktor Zolotov, Head of the 6th Division of the FSB controllating 380.000 units and used to protect the President / Siloviki

Vjaceslav Volodi, President of the Parliament

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