Weekly Tracking Syria 02: The background (2/2)


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Weekly Tracking Syria 01: The background (2/2)

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Last week we have analized the main 9 variables inside the Syrian conflict, (the “what”).

Today we list the 43 protagonists, the “Who is Who”in the country.

Inside this free version we do not describe them.

1 -The Leading Troika:

  • President Bashar Assad, President of the country
  • Colonel General Alexander Alexandrovich Zhuravlyov, commander of the Russian troops
  • General Qassem Soleimani, commander of the Iranian troops and de facto of the pro-Iranian militias

2-  The most powerful inside the “Shadow State”, (the apparatus and the traditional brokers of power):

Premier Wahel Halqi

 Aous Ali Aslan

 Imad Khamis

Mamoun Hamdan

 Ibrahim Miro

Bahjat Sulaiman

Walid Al-Mouallem

Riad al-Turk

Ali Mamlouk

Rami Makhlouf

3-  The most powerful inside the “Transactional State”, (the profiteers, the new brokers of power):

Mouaffaq Nyrabia

 Shebal Ibrahim

Ahmad Rateb Shallah

Moheddine Al-Manfoush

Suhek Hassan

Biu Talal

Muahammad Hamsq

Ayaman Jaber

George Hassuani

Jabht Al-Nusra

Samer Al-Foz

4 – The opponents:

Bassma Kodmani

 Alice Mofrej

Jamal Sulaiman

Gabriel Moshe Kourieh

Abdulhamid Darwish

Souad Nofal

Michel Kilo

Razan Zaitouneh

Ghassan Hitto

Ahmad Muaz al-Khatib

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