Pulsation 01: Brexit/Visa – USA/Presidential Power – Ghana/Global Diaspora


We are an uniqueness made by nuances

Resilient Rating – Pulsation 01

3 World’s pulsations, (hot spots in the form of short inputs), to think about the world.

This weekend the Locglob’s pulsations, (from the LOCal to the GLOBal to be connected with the Glocal trends), are:

1 -Brexit:

The UE Parliament voted a law to guarantee an un-limited Visa to the Britons inside the European Union.

Another example of a practical solution despite a leadership not able to find a political agreement.

Practical solution?

Yes, like the following ones:

  1. a) The UK will be involved inside all the UE Funds  that are strategic for London, (for exp. R&D)
  2. b) Europol / Anti- Crime-&-Terror agreements /protocols will be not affected
  3. c) and of course the NATO, we have always to keep in mind the Bruxelles means ” 2 political dimensions”: The EU and the Nato. And the Nato, at the moment, is the only dimension with a real international, (extra- Europe), value.

The solution?

Premier May resigns and we have new elections plus  a new referendum.

If, as it seems, the Britons will vote to stay in the UE this means that will start the end of the sovranism in Europe.

A trend that we can see now if we focus on:

  1. I) Slovakia: ( a V4 Country), where a pro-UE candidate won the Presidential Election)
  2. Italy: the sovereignist leader Matteo Salvini does not want a referendum about the high speed train infrastructure Lyon- Turin because this is a referendum about an international treaty. If this happens that means that from a political point of view it is possible to have other referendums against an international treaty when for the Italian Constitutional Law this is not allowed

For example  referendums against the Euro and the Nato … the political implications are more than clear … Why a sovereignist leader like Matteo Salvini does not want a referendum that he could drill to have one against either the euro and one against the Nato?

Because an Europe with either Nato and Europe is better than one without them.

2- The USA

The US Senate and the US Congress voted a bill to reduce the Presidential powers about international politics.

It is the 1st time and this contrasts a trend that lasts since decades that has been empowering the Presidential powers when Geo-strategy is on the table.

If we  add to this vote the vote that forces the US to stop any support to the KSA for the war in Yemen the implications are more than clear.

The US could lose an 80 billion US$ market in the KSA. It is about the building up of new nuclear plants and the winner could be France, Japan, South Korea, Russia.

Or this can open a chance to implement new existing technologies using the high winds.

Or both.

We will see.

3- Ghana

US Citizens are moving to live there.

Black-Americans that wants to live in Ghana.

Since years it happens and 2019 is the Return Year.

Till now we have  around 7.000 high-skilled US Citizens that live in Ghana.

Then we can imagine  the long term consequence that last.

The Diasporas are a Non State Actors.

This Diaspora will play a role inside Africa.

A Geo-strategic one, ( Geo-strategy = Geo-politics + Geo-economy + Geo-perception inside this world) , that will empower the US Leverage Power on terms of:

– Better contribution to the Humanity (click here)

– Improved US Interaction Capabilities (click here)

Then  the US are better placed to face the Chinese engagements in the continent.

Africa … please not forget that on 2017 the second best banking system in the world in terms of  performances was the African one.


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