(Google Translate friendly) A tale FROM Internet by Tani Lone Tree (Dakota Native American Poet)

This story is real..it happened inside one of the 296 leading towns of this Planet … a town in Internet.

Then … I wish it can be interesting for  you:

Friend 1: 🙂 all ok?
TaniLoneTree: hai
TaniLoneTree: I’m fine. You?
Friend 1: all ok 🙂 please go ahead do not want to disturb
TaniLoneTreeTaniLoneTree : That’s ok. Not doing anything here
TaniLoneTree: And some say I’m ALREADY disturbed
TaniLoneTree: lol
Friend 1: ops
Friend 1: (: sorry
TaniLoneTree: jk
TaniLoneTree: Guess you don’t get that joke
Friend 1: i did .)
TaniLoneTree: ok
TaniLoneTree: Around here, disturbed = crazy
Friend 1: Irish?
TaniLoneTree: My fit? Yes
TaniLoneTree: I call her Kathleen O’Blathra, or Kath O’Blath for short
TaniLoneTree: lol
Friend 1: nice Kath
TaniLoneTree: She tends to ramlb when telling a story
TaniLoneTree: ramble
Friend 1: then..please tell a s tory
TaniLoneTree: Are you sure?
TaniLoneTree: Kath, the stage is yours
Friend 1: ys+ or do u wan tto do something else’
Friend 1: ?
TaniLoneTree: Kath: I remember the last time I visited my relatives. We went for a long walk since ity was a nice day, and along the way I came across some birds singing high in a tree
TaniLoneTree: The tree was an oak, which makes great fence material. One fence we made was to keep some sheep from wandering. Sheep Do have a tendency to wander you know. Some of ours once got away and ended up by the nearest riverrside
TaniLoneTree: The river, by the way, floods occasionally, so we have to make sure we have ways to get across it when it does
TaniLoneTree: One of the wirst times it did that was in the spring melt maybe four years ago. At that time, I was seeing a doctor named Casey, who was a strict vegetarian. Did you knows that vegetables aren’t always that good for you?
Friend 1: 🙂
TaniLoneTree: Take carrots for example. They don’t necessarily help your vision that much. My vision is…fair, so I don’t much bother with that.
TaniLoneTree: In fact, the last time my eyes needed checking was when I got caught in a sandstorm while touring in Egypt, which is a lovely country.
TaniLoneTree: Been there once since then, to see the pyramids. Most impressive, and the sphinx as well. Did you know the sphinx in mythology was a female?
TaniLoneTree: (Are you sure you want to hear more?)
TaniLoneTree: Just getting started
Friend 1: 🙂 please sit on the blue chair
TaniLoneTree: Writing this down as it comes to me
Friend 1: ok it is nice
TaniLoneTree: Anyway, the sphinx (not to be confused with a sphincter) is supposed to be part lion, part eagle, and part…something else. I forget. Oh, and forgetting is sometimes used as a handy excuse when a person doesn’t want to do a particular chore
TaniLoneTree: Now me. I don’t mind doing my daily chores. They keep me active and in shape. Shapes though, are funny things. They can be anything from a square or a circle to less-familiar forms
TaniLoneTree: One form I particularly like is a triangle, as long as it’s equal-sided and angled
TaniLoneTree: Angling seems to be more fun for men than for women. Guess they enjoy catching fish even if the fish are too small
Friend 1: 🙂
TaniLoneTree: Personally, I find small things are more annoying. Mice, for one, are horrid little monsters. They get into EVERYTHING, even into the drawers of my dresser.
TaniLoneTreeTaniLoneTree : A dresser sometimes refers to a person whio enjoys wearing too many clothes. Now I only get my clothes from a special seamstress, who specializes in linen.
Friend 1: 🙂
TaniLoneTree: Linen originated in Greece, as I remember, It replaced wool as a common fabric. Common (brr), that word makes me think of some lands (the commons) where the only thing that grows are rank weeds
TaniLoneTree: Now weeds are a regular nuisance, especially in the summer. I enjoy summer weather. It lets me get out of my house for longer times. I once heard thet, according to Hindu beliefe, that they don’t believe there is such a thing as time’
TaniLoneTree: Everything that happens is only because of changes we go through. I once went through a tunnel when riding on a train. I didn’t really care for that. But caring is supposed to be what separates one human from another.
Friend 1: nods 🙂
TaniLoneTree: Humanity can be strange in the way they react to things. Reactions are sometimes extremely UNhealthy, particularly when it comes to atimic reactions (i.e. boms)
TaniLoneTree: bombs
TaniLoneTree: Did you know that, to bomb, is also meant to indicate someone who fails miserably at what she’s doing?
Friend 1 🙂
TaniLoneTreeTaniLoneTree : But I like doing a lot, including walking, chatting (not to be confused with chattering, which is something altogether different), eating, and playing card and board games.
TaniLoneTree: Of course, boards can be made of several different types of materials. but not paper
Friend 1: :)))
TaniLoneTree: Paper is useful mostly for writing letters, wrapping gifts, or lining birdcages. I don’t have any bird, so keeping a birdcage would be a waste for me
TaniLoneTree: Do you think we waste too muich? It seems our lnandfills are overflowing, much worse than in any way a river does. The river nearest here has a lovelt view where it bends sharply before emptying into a lake. The lake is just far enough away that I only go there once or twice in a year.
TaniLoneTree: I enjoy travelling, just not to the same place all the time. I like variety. Some cal variety the spice of life. Some spices are nice to have on hand, but there are some I’d just as soon do without.
TaniLoneTree: I wonder if all people should do without one thing or another. Too many people want to have EVEREYTHING in life. I think that life can be strange, especailly when it comes to meeting new people.
Friend 1: nods
TaniLoneTree : Some strangers are REALLY strange. You can never be sure how they’ll behave when alone. I spend a lot of time alone. It helps me think clearly, without having to involve someone I hardly know
Friend 1: 🙂
TaniLoneTree: Knowing things is a good idea, and ideas can be helpful in everyday life. I wonder though, what defines life? Is moss alive, for example? Or germs?
TaniLoneTree: There are some germs that can do considerable damage to animals or to us. I wish we could change so they dont’ affect us any more. Changing ourselves might be interesting. I often wondered what, if anyhint, I’d enjoy becoming.
TaniLoneTree: Would I like being, for example, a female centaur, or a mermaid, or even a nage?
TaniLoneTree: naga
TaniLoneTreeTaniLoneTree : A naga (snake-beng), is reputed to live in isolated areas of our world, such as caves, and as being very wise.
TaniLoneTreeTaniLoneTree : What makes up wisdom? Can someone be intelligent, but not wise? It makes one wonder – and isn’t a sense of wonder unusual?
TaniLoneTree: Many people don’t like unusual things, but I do. Does that make ME unusual? Oh well.
TaniLoneTree: Well, gonna run now. ttyl
TaniLoneTree: (Thanks you for your speech, Kathleen, Don’t hurry back)
TaniLoneTree: lol
TaniLoneTreeTaniLoneTree : So what do you think of her?
TaniLoneTree: wakeup
Friend 1: 🙂 ty…

Tani Lone Tree  ©2016