Note: If interested you can download the Mueller Report, (integral version), for free at the US Department of Justice clicking here 


Dear Paolo,

President Trump’s Justice Department just took an unprecedented action and denied a lawful request from the House of Representatives asking for unredacted documents relating to the Mueller report.

They are exerting “executive privilege,” declaring that they will not respond to any subpoenas.

President Trump seems determined to engineer a constitutional crisis. His refusal to comply with a standard congressional subpoena is completely unacceptable, especially because he has been insisting for weeks that the Mueller report fully exonerates him. If that is true, then why is he trying to block lawmakers from simply reading the full report? What is he trying to hide?

One of the most fundamental jobs of members of Congress is to oversee the executive branch of the federal government. Lawmakers have a right and an obligation to read the entire Mueller report in order to perform those oversight responsibilities.

The report did not reach a conclusion on whether President Trump and his administration obstructed justice — and that means it is especially important for Congress to thoroughly investigate Mueller’s full findings. We cannot do that if the president blocks access to the report.

As Donald Trump has said before, “Let it come out, let the people see it.” I couldn’t agree more. It is unacceptable for the president to declare executive privilege in response to these subpoenas. Congress — and the public — deserve to know the full truth.

Donald Trump may think he is a dictator — but he is not. He is not above the law and he is not above the constitution.

In solidarity,

Bernie Sanders

Authorized to divulgate.