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We THANK the prestigious Professionals and Insitutions that we are finding  that allow to partially re-edit their Editorial Content inside the appropriate rules that they set.

We mention them here to either TRIBUTE our gratitude and to MAGNIFY that with their generous aptitude are helping the diffusion of knowledge

In ordine alfabetico / Alphabetical order

Resilient Rating the Italian Rating Structure that works inside the World shaped by the 4th World War with rating instruments that are a world first.


The KOOTNEETI is a  New Delhi based publication on International Relations & Diplomacy. Areas of our publications include Indian Diplomacy, Geopolitics, Cultural Diplomacy, Economy, Global Elections, Environment & SDGs by the United Nations. Founded and directed by Amrita Dhillon with Editorial Partners in 7 nations and a Worldwide High-end Audience.




American Society for Aesthetics,(USA), where the intelligenthia thinks about aesthetics and philosophy

prof burtignam offical photo 

Professor Brautigam Deborah– PhD,(USA),International Development, Governance, China and Africa The Johns Hopkins University- Professor Deborah Brautigam´s books


Bruegel ,(Belgium),is an European think tank that specialises in economics. Established in the 2005 is ranked among the Top 10 in the world thanks to its commitment to  impartiality, openness and excellence


Taylor & Francis Group,(UK),leading publishing  company and we are autohorized to partially republish:

Architecture& Culture
Art &Health
Art Journal
Communication Design
Comtemporary Music Review
Contemporay Theatre Review
Creative Industry Journal
Critical Review in Enviromental Science & Technology
Digital Creativity
Enviromental Claims
Environmental Hazard
Environmental Technology
Fashion Pratice
Fashion Theory
Food Culture Society
Housing and Society
Human Performance
Information Communication Society
Int. Journal of Perfomance Arts
Int.l Jour. Of culture& mental health
Int.l Journal of Creativity& Innovation
Intl Journal of sustainable energy
Journal of Architecturev&vUrbanism
Journal of Behovoiral Finance
Journal of Civil Society
Journal of Management Analisys
Journal ofvOrganizational Computing
Journal of Urban Design
Journal of war &vculture studies
Review of International Political Economy
Rock Music Studies
Social Influence

Strategic Comments

The Design Journal
The Italianist
The Journal of Architecture
The Journal of Intl. Communication
The sense and society
Tourism Geography
Visual Resoruces
World Art


Caseleggio & Associati, (Italy), Italian leading Internet Specialist

center for american progress

Center for American Progress,(USA),ranked among the top think tank worldwide shapes the world setting the way for PROGRESSIVE ideas for strong,free and JUST America

chomsky free photo

Professor Chomsky Noam PhD ,(USA), Institute Professor Emeritus at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). His shaping vision aligns with anarcho-syndicalism and libertarian socialism.

Professor Chomsky is a living legend, an Intellectual Voice that shapes the world.

His books are a must of our times!

aldo civico

Professor Civico Aldo,(USA), PhD, anthropology professor at Rutgers University in Newark and a conflict resolution lecturer at Columbia University.  At Rutgers University he founded The International Institute for Peace.   Adviser of the President Barack Obama


Conferenza Episcopale Italiana ,(Italy), administrative body of the Italian Catholic Church



Professor   Dholakia M. Uptal  – PhD ,(USA),George R. Brown Professor of Marketing JGSB, Rice University

Dubai Islamic Economy Development Centre, (Dubai), mandated to establish a sound infrastructure and a comprehensive framework to oversee the implementation of initiatives that help achieve the tenets of an enabling Islamic economy.


Professor  Ehteshami  Anoush, PhD, FAcSS, FRSA ,(UK),Director of the HH Sheikh Nasser al-Sabah Research Programme at the  School of Government and International Affairs,Duhram University


European Journal of Islamic Finance ,(Italy), published by the Department of Management at the University of Turin                     


gattile cuneo 2

Gattile di Cuneo


mario garret


Professor Garret D. Mario-PhD,(USA)Professor University of Gerontology University of San Diego , His Books 


Judith Glaser COLOR copy

 Glaser  Judith E.  ,(MA, MS), (USA). since 2006 has been listed as one of the Top 100 Thought Leaders globally on the subject of Leadership. CEO of Benchmark Communications, Inc., and the chairman of The Creating WE Institute    and Founding Fellow of the Harvard Institute of Coaching.She has authored seven books.

Glazer  Robert, (USA), is the founder and CEO of Acceleration Partners, international keynote speaker and author of the best-selling book, Performance Partnerships. Join 35,000 global leaders who follow his inspirational weekly Friday Forward.


Prof. Goel Sashi, (India), Visiting Fellow. Department of Women & Gender Studies at University of Wisconsin at Madison,USA, Excellency Women Award, Ambassador of Good Will andAuthorof various Publication and of one book. She will soon publish a new book.

aaaaa Ofir

Doctor Haivry Ofir-PhD,(Israel), VIce President The Herzl Institute


InfoIntelligenceFusion  ,(UK),worldwide leading network of  business, geopolitics and security intelligence experts


fight for the future 

Fight For the Future (USA), Fight For the Future

Donna Flagg FINAL headshot

Flagg Donn, Author, worked for Goldman Sachs before creating Lastics, an innovative way to use dance to help people stretch their way to better healthttp://www.gattiledicuneo.com/#menu-per-aiutarcih. Her books.

dorothy friedman

Professor Firman Dorothy  ,(Ed.D),(USA), Professor Firman Dorothy (Ed.D),(USA), at American International College and the director of psychosynthesis training at The Synthesis Center, the editor of Psychosynthesis on the Move and a founder and board of Advisors member of the Association for the Advancement of Psychosynthesis. She autored different books,

 thomas frey

Frey Thomas (Google Top Ranked Futurist / USA) : daVinci Institute ,Web: Futurist Speaker


gerd leonhard finale

Doctor  Gerd Leonhard – PhD,(CH), The Futures Agency

IAI istituto affari internazionali

Istituto Affari Internazionali A non-profit organization,since 50 years the best Italian Think Tank  the IAI is funded by individual and corporate members, public and private organizations, major international foundations, and by a standing grant from the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Kyle Killian - Toronto, Canada

Professor  Killian D. Kyle ,PhD,( Canada),Core Faculty, Marriage & Family Therapy Program, Capella University. His books

LEAHY PHOTO jacket and tie

Professor Leahy L. Robert-PhD,(USA), Clinical Professor of Psychology at Weill-Cornell Medical School. His Books

sam louie

Louie Sam M.A., LMHC,(USA), Cultural Consultant 


liza margalit

Doctor Margalit Liraz – PhD ,(USA),  Lecturer at the IDC and Customer Experience Psychologist at ClickTale


gregg mcbride

 Mcbride Gregg ,(USA), Film & Television Writer/Producer for Disney, Paramount, Sony, ABC Family, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, MTV. His Books

Michelle McQuaid

McQuaid Michelle ,(USA), Senior Adviser of  positive psychology and neurobiology for at Happiness & Its Causes, IBM, The Wharton Business School, and more. Her Books

Laura miele-pascoe

Professor Miele-Pascoe Laura – PhD ,(USA),physical education and sport psychology  Ohio University



Professor Nye Joseph Samuel Ph.d,(USA), University Distinguished Service Professor Harvard Univeristy J.F. Kennedy School of Government. Professor Nye Jr. is the co-founder, along with Robert Keohane, of the international relations theory of neoliberalism,(1977), and of the concepts of asymmetrical and complex interdependence. More recently, he pioneered the theory of soft power.

His books are landmakrs inside the theory of international relations!


 Theresa Oconnel 

Doctor Oconnel Theresa -PhD (USA)


Pollard F. Andrea,Psy D.,(USA), founder of the Los Angeles Center for Zen Psychology. Her books

mary e ptischard

Professor Pritchard E. Mary, PhD,(USA), at Boise State University and founder of the virtual community “Awakwening the Goddess Within” Her books

Professor  Ramadan Tariq,(UK), Professor of Contemporary Islamic Studies at the Univeristy of Oxford St. Antony’s College, (photograph courtesy of www.robjudges.com)

Raj raghunathan 

Professor Raghunathan Raj-PhD ,(USA, India),McCombs School of Business at UT Austin  & The Indian School of Business .  His Books

sagnotti ugo finale

Professor Sagnotti Augusto,PhD (Italy), Professor of Theoretical Physics at  the Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa . He was the first to propose, in 1987, that the type I string theory can be obtained as an orientifold of type IIB string theory  and offered the elucidation of the key properties of orientifold constructions and of Conformal Field Theory on non-orientable surfaces.He also discovered the 10D “0B’ string”, including both open and closed strings, non supersymmetric but free oftachyons


Sindacalmente ,(Italy),indipendent trade unionist think tank

 Steve Stosny 300
Stosny Steven,PhD ,(USA), founder of CompassionPower, His Books


Sword Rosemary,USA),KM a Counselor trained in the Hawaiian psychology based on forgiveness known as ho’oponopono (literally “to make right”) and founder/developer of Aetas, Mind Balancing Apps .   Her Books

tani 2

Tani Lone Tree,(Dakota Nation- USA),pseudonym of a poet

rompiballe 1

TheRompiballe,( Internet),behind this pseudonym a panel of authors

Omar Vittone 

Vittone Omar (USA), military analyst


Professor Wallerstein Maurice Immanuel,(USA), an intellectual legend he was  head of the Fernand Braudel Center for the Study of Economies, Historical Systems and Civilization and now is member of the Advisory Editors Council of the Social Evolution & History journal and Senior Research Scholar at Yale University

The Warsaw Insitute is a leading think tank about Russia

con Papa 1 

Doctor Watanabe Shigenobu (Australia),Hongwanji Buddhist Mission of Australia


ludivc mahomed zahed UFFICIASLE

Imam Doctor Zahed Mohamed Ludovic-PhD,(France), Director CALEM  .  His Books


 Doctor Zimbardo Philip, PhD,(USA),developer of The Temporal Theory and founder of The Heroic Imagination Project .

His Books

—————– Italian INTELLECTUAL TALENTS ———————–


Baggiani Acciai Massimo,(Italy),founder and director of  the cultural magazine “I Segreti di Pulcinella”. He wrote 13 books

20160310_133829 (2)

Banaudi Nadia,(Italy),challanging the conservative cultural environment to crow-fund her 2. book

foto Renato Barletti

Barletti Renato,(Italy), contemporary poet