Eperimento Parole Nuove In Internet / New Words in Internet

1- Italiano

Iniziamo un esperimento culturale, ovvero?

Creare parole nuove che significhino qualcosa e poi vediamo se e come si diffondono in Internet con lo stesso significato o danno origine a loro volta a nuove parole.

Ovvero in quanti siti,(entries),viene usata per esprimere lo stesso concetto od uno simile o sia spunto per creare a sua volta nuove parole …

Ogni sito/entry è un moltiplicatore d’ uso perchè è possibile leggerla e  tutti i Visitatori di quel sito a loro volta,se gli piace, possono …

2- English

We start something new, what is that?

We create new words. Words that have a menaning and then we track how they spread inside Internet,(entries). And thanks to that they start to be accepted as a word to tell something.


1- LOCGLOB = LOCal GLOBal =  the trends from local to global because all starts locally and then turns into global = the  suistanable globalisation = our philosophy !!!!

15.000.000 entries in 16 weeks (10-5-16) click here to verify

2- Humpolitics = HUMan geoPOLITICS =  a human geopolitics

1.140 entries in 16 weeks (10-5-16)  click here to verify

3- Koitokrazia = you are what you are only because you have the right parents or your lover is the right one = the ones that without the rigth parents and beds cannot get the job and money have because they have not the talents to achive that.

1.600 entries in 6 weeks  click here to verify

4-  Tani Lone Tree = to see how a pseudonym can spread inside the web

7.050 entries  in 16 weeks  (10-5-16) click here to verify

5- Meltinglimes = where worlds interact in order to create something new and positive = 1+1 is 3

794 entries in 1 week (10-5-16) click here to verify

6- Prosumerzen = PROducer + conSUMER + citiZEN = to be  at the same  time a RESPONSABLE producer, consumer and Citizen

1.210 entries in 8 weeks click here to verify  (10-5-16)