inside the World all begins locally,(LOCGLOB),and then turns into global,(GLOCAL):the 45 Geopolitical Regions and the 296 leading Towns

NOT PROFIT MULTIFACED CULTURAL HUB about the trends form the Local Realities of the world that shape our time

Eperimento Parole Nuove In Internet / New Words in Internet

1- Italiano

Iniziamo un esperimento culturale, ovvero?

Creare parole nuove che significhino qualcosa e poi vediamo se e come si diffondono in Internet con lo stesso significato o danno origine a loro volta a nuove parole.

Ovvero in quanti siti,(entries),viene usata per esprimere lo stesso concetto od uno simile o sia spunto per creare a sua volta nuove parole …

Ogni sito/entry è un moltiplicatore d’ uso perchè è possibile leggerla e  tutti i Visitatori di quel sito a loro volta,se gli piace, possono …

2- English

We start something new, what is that?

We create new words. Words that have a menaning and then we track how they spread inside Internet,(entries). And thanks to that they start to be accepted as a word to tell something.


1- LOCGLOB = LOCal GLOBal =  the trends from local to global because all starts locally and then turns into global = the  suistanable globalisation = our philosophy !!!!

15.000.000 entries in 16 weeks (10-5-16) click here to verify

2- Humpolitics = HUMan geoPOLITICS =  a human geopolitics

1.140 entries in 16 weeks (10-5-16)  click here to verify

3- Koitokrazia = you are what you are only because you have the right parents or your lover is the right one = the ones that without the rigth parents and beds cannot get the job and money have because they have not the talents to achive that.

1.600 entries in 6 weeks  click here to verify

4-  Tani Lone Tree = to see how a pseudonym can spread inside the web

7.050 entries  in 16 weeks  (10-5-16) click here to verify

5- Meltinglimes = where worlds interact in order to create something new and positive = 1+1 is 3

794 entries in 1 week (10-5-16) click here to verify

6- Prosumerzen = PROducer + conSUMER + citiZEN = to be  at the same  time a RESPONSABLE producer, consumer and Citizen

1.210 entries in 8 weeks click here to verify  (10-5-16)