inside the World all begins locally,(LOCGLOB),and then turns into global,(GLOCAL):the 45 Geopolitical Regions and the 296 leading Towns

Sustainable Globalisation from the Locals (LOCGLOB)-Positive Economy-Ethic-Art-Spiritual & Material Wellness-Travels-Finance-Business-Life Style-Culture-Technotrends-Geopolitics-Food

Our Google certified analytic

Analytic GOOGLE CERTIFIED:  Appealpower started on November 10th 2015

A- Visualizations

Total Visualizations from 10-NOV/2015 till 30-4-2017: 29.070.087


Certified Global Rank (7-3-17)  on more than 600.000.000.000 web sites

B-Tagging,(Tags & Meta-tags), World Ranking,(prestige and influence):

We do NOT use any “tags” to support the SEO/SEM as well as we do not invest 1€ on SEO/SEM strategy

The performance is achieved ONLY thanks to our  Leverage Communication Power,(LCP), strategy

I- Homepage

With the tag “appeal power” we are N.1 on 301.000.000 entries ,(clik here to check that) 

with “appealpower” we are N.1 on 24.700 entries,(click here to verify), ( 23-3-2016)

II- New Words

(we have created them inside Internet and here we track how they flourish and become  words with a meaning also for Others = common use words used to decribe the world because used inside “Internet-entries” !!!)

  1. LOCGLOB = LOCal GLOBal =  the trends from local to global because all starts locally and then turns into global = the  suistanable globalisation = our philosophy !!!!  15.000.000 entries in 16 weeks (10-5-16) click here to verify
  2. Humpolitics   1.400 entries in 12 weeks (4-4-16) click here to verify 
  3. Koitokrazia 510 entries in 3 weeks (4-4-16)click here to verify
  4. Tani Lone Tree 12.800 entries  in 12 weeks  (4-4-16) click here to verify
  5. LOCGLOB 2.580 entries in 12 weeks (4-4-16) click here to verify

III- Business- Economy

  1. Posivite,sustainable economy. Our dedicated section is N.1 on 24.000.000 entires as you can verify here, 13-5-16 CET 5.00
  2. “The world in 20 clicks  N. 1 on 600.000.000  (4-4-16) click here to verify
  3. “Trend di Comunicazione e Promozione di Immagine” N.1 on 306.000 (4-4-16) click here to verify
  4. “Il mondo in 20 click”  N.1 on 693.000 (4-4-16)   click here to verify
  5. “Qualità di vita”  N. 1 on 22.700 (4-4-16) click here to verify
  6. DOVE ANDREMO,DOVE SI VA,DOVE ANDIAMO? N.1 on 806.000  as u can verify here  (9-5-16 CET 12.00

IV- Soft Power (using an LOCGLOB, from the local to the global, approach):

  1. “LOC-GLOB:WHEN THE LOCAL GETS GLOBAL” N. 1 on 578.000 (4-4-16) click here to verify
  2. (SOFT POWER ITALY):     “soft power Италия” (=Italy in Russian) N. 1 on 24.900 (4-4-16) click here to verify
  3. soft power Italien” (=Italy in German) N. 11,12,13 on 2.130.000 (= top 2nd page) (4-4-16)click here to verify
  4. “soft power Italy” N.33 on 3.820.000 (= top 3rd page) (4-4-16)click here to verify

V- Lifestyle

  1. “Lifestyle  Cattolico” N. 1 on 237.000 (4-4-16) click here to verify
  2. YOU & YOUR MATERIAL AND SPIRITUAL WELLNESS” N. 1 on 296.000 (4-4-16) click here to verify
  3. DANA- Buddhist Lifestyle by Rev. Shigenobu Watanabe N. 1 on 18.100 here to check 29/7/16

VI- Geopolitics

  1. L’ ultima frontiera della geopolitica / The last frontier of geopolitics” N.1 on 244.000   check here

  2. “Oltre i poteri forti”  N.1 on 72.500 (4-4-16) click here to verify
  3. “Consorzio a delinquere” N. 1 on 179.000 (4-4-16) click here to verify
  4. “The Greater Middle East” N.3,4 on 32.100.000 (4-4-16)  click here to verify
  5. “Progressive, reformist Muslims”  N. 9 on 194.000 (4-4-16) click here to verify
  6. “Tracing the history of homosexuality in the Arabo-Islamic world” N.1 on 58.100 (4-4-16) click here to verify
  7. “The Rompiballe”  N. 1 on 281.000 (4-4-16) click here to verify
  8. Tactical Warning”  N. 6 and 7 on 21.100.000 (re-printed by TargatoCN) (4-4-16)  click here to verify
  9. Suggestions for a wise international politics”” N.1 su 5.030.000 entires as you can verify here , at 9-5-16 – 14.00 CET)
  10. THE GREATER MIDDLE EAST 2,0″ N.1 on 24.300.000  entries as you can check here at 2/7/2016 CET 12.03)
  11. a nostra rubrica che analizza la Komplottologia Applicata,Poteri Forti  & Dintorni è N.1 al mondo su 460.000 siti  come potete verificare clickando qui  , 8-7-16 CET 11.00

VII- Technology  & Science

“Techno -&-science Trends”  N. 1 on 1.370.000 (4-4-16) click here to verify

VIII-Art & Culture

  1. “Art & Culture” N.1 on 60.700.000 click here to verify 14-5-16 CET 5.00
  2. Il Salotto di Antonio Moccia   N. 1  on 25.200   click here to verify , (95-16 ,7.00 CET)
  3. “Suggestioni e percorsi poetici by Renato Barletti”  N.1 on 318.000 entries , click here to verify (22/6/16 at 7.00 CE
  4. “Anime di Carta”by Nadia Banaudi  N.1 on 1.140 entries  as you can check here
  5. ” I libri!” by Massimo Acciaia Baggiani is N.3  on 1.910 entries  as you can check 2/7/16 alle 9.00)
  6. Prospettive by Carlo Benigni N1. su 171.000 siti here to checki, 29-7-16 alle 14.00 CET)
  7. l mondo di Roxie”  by Rossana Lozzio  N.1 su 44.000  here to verify  22-7-16 at 14.50 CET
  8. Il gatto in noi by Francesca Barbero N.1 su 12.500 siti here to verify

XIX – Not Profit Leverage Communication Power,(LCP)

We are a not profit cultural hub and we support Not Profit Entities

  1. “Internet Freedom” N. 2 on 51.300.000 (4-4-16). This to promote the leading  advocacy entity about the internet freedom: The FFF   in New  York Start:22-11- 2015  click here to verify 
  2. “Amore a due zampe” N.1 on 530.000 (4-4-16) This is to promote the “Gattile Romeo & Pucci“. Start:25-1-2016  click here to verify.
  3. “Dedicato a Cuneo”  N.1 on 675.000 (4.4.16) This is a not profit cultural promotion of the Italian town of Cuneo . Start:30-6-2016 ( the 1st phase)  Click here to verify
  4. “Musicalità Emozionale”  to promote the  “Conservatorio G.F. Ghedini”  è N. 1 on 54.600 siti click here to verify


We MAGNIFY that we have been spending 0$ for the SEO/SEM!!

Since “Ground 0” on 11-Nov-2015  has beiing possible  to achieve the mentioned results only thank to our Leverage Communication Power strategy.


Appealpower is an innovative not profit cultural hub

The world is composed by 45 geopolitical regions, where 296 towns lead the shaping of synergistic as well as equivalent from of modernity.

A world where around 200 State Actors,(that we have to consider like the last evolution of the forms of nationhood as created with the Peace of Westphalia on 1648), are modelling the planet along with 32 forms of Not State Actors.

And all is about the forms of Power in the XXI.

That “simply” means that this world is not complicate but complex.

And this complexity means that we must be able to use contextual intelligence to “connect the dots”.

And “the dots” are embodied by synergistic worlds: Art, Culture, Geopolitics, Geo-economy, Ethic, Lifestyle,Techno-&-Scientific trends…and more.

A lot more and this “more” is composed by us.

We the people and our stories that create the whole History of the planet.

Then Appealpower wants to give a pulsing voice to this complexity connecting people that have something to tell.

AMAZING People and Insititutions like those inside our Editorial Contributions  that authotrize to use their high-end edictorial contents and that we list to either to express our GRATITUDE and to MAGNIFY/PROMOTE them

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