The Power in the XXI

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The World is composed by 45 Geopolitical Regions including Internet and the Digital Worlds Inside them we have:

-(only) 20 State Acotrs,(SA´s), with a Full Sovereignty and then SA´s with a Partial Sovereignty, Semi-states,Failed States. (For example from the USA to Somalia)

– 296 leading Towns with at least not less than 296 different as well as equivalent form of modernity

-32 forms of Non Stare Actors,(NSA´s,usually are described only 8 but we have found 32)

-3 countries with a Global Projection Capability: the USA,the UK,France

-4 countries with a Nuclear Armeggadon Capability: the USA,the UK,France,Russia

-1 country with Space,Sky,Sea,Land,Cyber,(S3CL),Global Control: the USA

-1 country with a (high-) technology surplus with the whole world: the USA

-a country that will become older before to become rich: China

–And where the ability to decide about the future  is NOT considered as an important element of happiness,( people are yet ready to trade-off that with security and products)

-with 5 Not State Actors controlling around 95% of the finance in the world,(traded OTC)

– where the USA will stop to import oil and gas from the Middle East in around 6 years from now

-and the National intelligence Agency has forecast,(GT 2015),the born , (mostly in 3D world based), of a new religion during the year 2015  and that the US Government will fight against US Citizens/Companies due to different geopolitical visions and interests

-where, since 2013, the 3rd more dangerous menace for the US National Security is the christian fundamentalism and the Israeli Government,(2012), has outlawed as terrorist groups the Jewish fundamentalists

-And… more a lot more…


Inside the same world the same planet that we can see using (at least) 3 different world maps:

-The Eurocentric World Map,(Mercatore),and if you are in Europe you are at the center of the World. Then Asia is the East and the Americas are the West.The far eastern town is Apia,(Samoa Island) and the far western is Nome,(Alaska).

– The Amerocentric World Map and if you are in the Western Hemisphere,(the American continent),you are at the center of the World.Then Asia is the West and Europe is the East. The far eastern town is Bangkok and the far western is  Irkutsk,(Russia).

-The Asiacentric World Map,and if you are in Asia you are at the center of the World. Then Europe is the East and the Americas are the West. The far eastern town is London and the far western is New York.


(Eurocentric,Amerocentric, Asiacentric Planispheres)

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