inside the World all begins locally,(LOCGLOB),and then turns into global,(GLOCAL):the 45 Geopolitical Regions and the 296 leading Towns

Sustainable Globalisation from the Locals (LOCGLOB)-Positive Economy-Ethic-Art-Spiritual & Material Wellness-Travels-Finance-Business-Life Style-Culture-Technotrends-Geopolitics-Food

Not State Actors



Benign Organizations,(BO)
Functional Organizations, (FO)

Global  Media Outlets ,(GMO)

Holistic Movements,(HM)
Influential Advising Company,(IAC)
Influential Advising Entities,(IAE)
International Organizations,(IO)

Militias Forces,(MF)

 Civil Societies Political Organizations,(COPO), ( not the Political Parties)
Multinationals ,(MNC),
National Industrial Champion,(NIC),
National International Economic Powerhouse, (NIEP),
National Liberation Movements (NLM)  
Non Governative Organizations (NGO)  
Transanational Organized Crime, (TOC)
Politically Structured Cyber-Virtual Worlds , (PSCVW)

Private Controller ,(PC)

 Private Powerful People,(PPP)
Private Government  Powerhouse,(PGP)
Private International Financial Powerhouse,(PIFP)
Private Security Forces, (PSF)
Private State Powerhouse,(PSP)
Privatized Functional Organization,(PFO)

Regional Organizations, (RO)

 Political Elected Elites,(PEE)
National & International  Governmental Bureaucracy,(N-I_GB)
States Within Failed States,( SWFS)
States Within Nations-States,(SWNS)
Terroristic  Groups ,( TG)
The Super NSA, (SUNSA)
Towns Within Failed States, (TWFS)
Towns Within Nation States, (TWNS)

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