inside the World all begins locally,(LOCGLOB),and then turns into global,(GLOCAL):the 45 Geopolitical Regions and the 296 leading Towns

NOT PROFIT MULTIFACED CULTURAL HUB about the trends form the Local Realities of the world that shape our time

Non State Actors



Benign Organizations,(BO)
Functional Organizations, (FO)

Global  Media Outlets ,(GMO)

Holistic Movements,(HM)
Influential Advising Company,(IAC)
Influential Advising Entities,(IAE)
International Organizations,(IO)

Militias Forces,(MF)

 Civil Societies Political Organizations,(COPO), ( not the Political Parties)
Multinationals ,(MNC),
National Industrial Champion,(NIC),
National International Economic Powerhouse, (NIEP),
National Liberation Movements (NLM)  
Non Governative Organizations (NGO)  
Transanational Organized Crime, (TOC)
Politically Structured Cyber-Virtual Worlds , (PSCVW)

Private Controller ,(PC)

 Private Powerful People,(PPP)
Private Government  Powerhouse,(PGP)
Private International Financial Powerhouse,(PIFP)
Private Security Forces, (PSF)
Private State Powerhouse,(PSP)
Privatized Functional Organization,(PFO)

Regional Organizations, (RO)

 Political Elected Elites,(PEE)
National & International  Governmental Bureaucracy,(N-I_GB)
States Within Failed States,( SWFS)
States Within Nations-States,(SWNS)
Terroristic  Groups ,( TG)
The Super NSA, (SUNSA)
Towns Within Failed States, (TWFS)
Towns Within Nation States, (TWNS)

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